Ice Ride La Línea 2014


Únete el 4 de octubre al evento IceRide, un día en el que personas de todo el mundo saldrán a la calle para salvar el Ártico. Juntos, estamos organizando un día de celebración, manifestación y un evento sobre ruedas. Tú, tu familia y amigos, estáis invitados a formar parte de un movimiento que no deja de crecer para proteger el Ártico y cambiar el curso de la historia. Contigo, podremos cambiar el mundo.


We think the bike is a good tool to help against pollution. To propose to abandon the car and promote other forms of mobility, creating the conditions for that. This Saturday, we will build a bicycle parking recycled material as a small example.

The Arctic regulates the world’s climate, while also serving as a home to four million people and amazing animals like the polar bear and walrus.

#IceRide will be a family friendly festival with creative bicycle parades, speeches, concerts and costumes. People across the globe will take to the streets on October 4, to call on decision makers to create an Arctic Sanctuary, and take urgent action on climate change.

You can help grow this global movement. Anyone, anywhere can #SaveTheArctic. Bring your friends, families, and pets and join the Ice Ride.

See you there!

By joining the event your name is added to the Save the Arctic pledge, joining the millions who believe in protecting the Arctic. We want to create a global sanctuary around the North Pole, and ban offshore drilling and destructive industry in the Arctic.